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Your Crystal Journey - Have Fun!

We are two markets into our crystal journey and I have had a lot of people ask me how to connect with their crystals. This is a difficult subject to give specific advice, because, just like us each crystal has a personality and an energy. Just because Google says it is a calming stone doesn't mean the diva you have been drawn to is for that purpose! So I can only give you some top tips on how to care and connect with your crystals. Once you open up to them you will realise how special they are and how much they want to help you.

A little history - We have established that I was a strange child, thankfully this has now been translated into the fact I am a person with psychic tendencies and a lovely connection to source, which I am truly grateful for. Anyhoo - as a child you automatically are drawn to things which make you feel good. Back in the 80's I didn't really have much access to crystal shops or any knowledge of the spiritual world. I was always drawn to stones and living next to one of the biggest pebble beaches in the world meant I had access to a few stones! I was always drawn to those with quartz in them which shone in the sunshine, I immediately felt a connection which would turn into a passion. I then noticed my Dad had a lovely chunk of pyrite on his desk and again I was overwhelmed by the difference in feeling from that and my pebbles. Suddenly I had a "magic tool" stones! When I first encountered an amethyst that was it I was suddenly a crystal addict! I adored how they made me feel and how something I was told had no soul - Actually had a world of information and guidance and healing - Something I needed during the teen age years. I was mocked for carrying my pebbles into my exams, but I didn't care, for the first time I had something which helped me to stop absorbing everyone's anxieties so that I could focus on "me" and the exam paper!

My journey into crystals was 100% organic, I didn't know they were renowned for their healing properties. On a trip to Lyme Regis I was surrounded by crystals, but the information was purely geological, being a fossil town it was about the "science" behind the crystals, undeterred I bought myself a tumble stone of tigers eye. This Tigers eye saw me through my teenage years and my difficult college years, her power overwhelmed me and I realised it wasn't the size of the crystal it is their personality and how they were "birthed". My first experience of "healing" crystals was a family trip to Glastonbury, my wonderful Aunty Sandy lives nearby and my Dad was born there so we often visited, but didn't venture into town too often. I remember going into town and Dad was showing me where all the old Butchers and Veg shops were before all the witchy shops started to grow - He didn't mind the change but I think he saw that his childhood town was being changed. We ventured into a dark little shop and I suddenly felt at home. Strangely dad began to look at the tarot cards and I wondered off with that lovely tingle in my tummy of crystals! I found them and they were being displayed with the love and blessings each crystal should be looked after while waiting for their guardian. Each one had a message of their birthplace, and even though it was the 90's they were also certified from ethical mines with environmental practices. The power and love from these crystals because they had been birthed so gently was stronger than anything I had ever felt. I couldn't afford the beautiful crystal sphere I had my eye on but Dad bought me a beautiful lapis Lazuli pendulum. I fell in love.

I bought the crystal bible - But it didn't resonate with me. I was desperate to find words which explained how I felt. On the journey home, I held this beautiful ancient pendulum and I suddenly realized the crystals could "talk" to me - I don't mean I could hear them physically but I was overwhelmed by information which flooded my psyche from this beautiful crystal. I knew then that YOU are the tool and any information you need is within YOU. Read books, read blogs, gather all the information but remember at the end of the day our energy is ancient and the information is within all of us. That is why I can only share how "I" connect to crystals, because it is different for everyone.

Firstly try to ensure your crystal is from an ethical source - Crystals are birthed - They are drawn from the earth and it can be traumatic. Each crystal absorbs energy, do you want a crystal in your home which has been torn from the earth, destroying the environment and being grabbed by hands of workers who are underpaid, forced to work in despicable conditions - Remember that to stop this tirade of bad practices we have to be responsible and source our crystals wisely and ethically!

Secondly once you have sourced your crystal, do not focus too much on what you want - focus on the crystal which calls to you. Yes clear quartz clears your mind and anxiety but what if a lovely blue calcite is calling to you? Listen to your intuition. Take deep breaths and allow your intuition to lead you.

Thirdly you now have your crystal. Let them settle. Find their place, see which part of your home they are drawn to, crystals like to settle in certain places so see where they pull you to. Let them settle and absorb their new surroundings, let the kids shout, dogs bark and normal energy to flow - The crystal needs to attune to their new home so they can adjust and begin to shine their energy at the right vibration for you.

Settle with your crystal, when you have some quiet time. Hold them, if you can sit on the floor so that you are completely grounded, if you can't sit on the floor then make sure your feet are grounded, if you cannot do this then focus on the weight on your lower back and thighs and feel grounded there. Take some deep breaths and calm your mind. Holding the crystal allow it to send you feelings, emotions, lights etc. This will differ from person to person. Once settled allow the crystal to blend into your aura, with your minds eye, imagine a white light emmiting from your crystal and blending into your aura, allow this energy to flow all around you and allow the energy to stop in certain places on the body for healing. When you feel ready, send loving and gentle gratitude back into the crystal, replace them in their "home" and allow their energy to flow around you and the home.

There are many ways to cleanse crystals, I prefer to let the crystals tell me when they need cleansing, don't be too uniformed in doing this. If you like to use the full moon to reenergise your crystals then please do so, but check the meaning of the moon first. For example this past moon was one of anxiety and stress so cleansing your crystals may only cause issues. Your crystals are "yours" for a reason and listen to your instincts on how you wish to look after them. If you enjoy using them in rituals and cleansing them then do that, if you prefer to let them sit and gently cleanse the home then do that - Don't get to precious about what you feel you have to do, because you really must listen to them for guidance. They are here to help and care for you. All they need is your respect and love.

Your journey with crystals will be magical, allow them into your life.

All my love Chrissy@ RavenCrow.

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