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Who Am I? I am A Woman and I want to ROAR!

It has been a dark week for women everywhere and I include my gorgeous trans brothers & sisters ... I am going to rant so please scroll past if you need to.

I feel as though I have been well and truly kicked in the vag! How can MEN dictate to women what they can and can't do to their own bodies? Coming from a country who only appears to care for a bunch of cells but the actual baby is certainly not high on their priority! No health care? No Maternity Leave? No support for women what so ever. Are we talking about a third world country? NO ... This is one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world and they are doing this to their women, girls and trans men - I cannot and will not believe it.

I honestly believe after my emergency surgery in 2019 I woke up in a different dimension because this is frankly unbelievable! I thought Putin was the monster this year, but at least he treats all citizens the same, he will bomb men women and children quite happily! Yes I am being sarcastic - But I am in shock as to how in this day and age we can allow this law to be passed.

I don't have much room but I can help anyone including my sisters in N.Ireland if they ever need help. An abortion is never an easy decision but we have to remain aware of the facts and understand that the women and trans men who need this procedure NEED it! How can we let religion make scientific decisions? I believe in fairies but I certainly wouldn't let my belief in them become law and allow me to gain authority over you just because the fairy queen told me to???

I am hoping that the US rises up and fights this craziness, if we look the other way, this injustice will soon highlight something you hold dear and this evil will knock on your door unless we stamp it out.

Why are we always fighting??? When will women become noticed, respected and loved? I am tired but I will keep fighting.

If you are anyone are affected by recent events please drop us a line, we will try and guide you towards help x

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So true Chrissy xxx

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