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My Story

I am Christine, the owner, founder and sole creator of Raven Crow Wellbeing, based on the beautiful and magical isle of Portland, Dorset.
Much like you I have had ups and downs in my life and I wanted a “cure” for my anxiety and worries and the general feeling of failure all the time!

This lead me to develop a deep interest in counselling skills and alternative therapies. After training as a counsellor in Bereavement and trauma and having many “odd” experiences with it I decided to look back at my spooky experiences as a child and see if there was a connection. This led me down the path towards “psychic” work. I found I had a natural and professional gift in helping others with the use of spiritual energy or Gaia  – (Linking into the energy of the earth and shaping it into healing energy and guidance). I have now been working professionally as an International Psychic Medium and Healer for 20+ years! Which makes me feel VERY old!

I also teach alternative therapies and psychic development skills. The world is changing and there is a need for our souls to awaken and open up to the energy of the natural world and the energy of love, therefore I am passionate that anyone can learn and develop their natural abilities, as natural creatures we all have a stirring inside of us and it is time to find yours. I, personally,  have always been drawn to the natural world and the veils between life and death have always been accessible to me. I knew from a very young age that the soul continues after our “life”. There is a beautiful source of love which continues to flow and I work with the highest vibrations of love and laughter to pass on readings and messages guided both by spirit and by my wonderful guides.

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