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All my readings are bespoke to you. Most of my readings include psychic guidance as well as Mediumship. I have a unique way of reading where I connect clearly to spirit and my guides. All my readings are of a high vibration and are often full of joy and laughter. Each reading is led by you and your needs, no two readings are ever the same! If you have any queries please just contact me.
Each reading is a connection to YOUR individual energy. I ask you to have a drink of water nearby so that the energy levels are not affected by the energy exchange, as part of my readings also includes a cleansing of your aura which allows you to feel a little de stressed and ready to face the day. Some clients have also stated a feeling of happiness and euphoria after my readings. It is important to replace fluids during any reading or session.
Each reading begins with myself being drawn to a pack of cards which are calling out to work with YOU! This in itself tells me a lot about the individual before we even start. Once the cards have been called I then ask the crystals to call to your energy too and again which crystal asks to work with you is also another indication of what you need for the perfect reading. I will spend approx 5 minutes explaining which cards and crystals have called your name. I hope this way of working makes you smile, as much as it does me.

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