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Blood Lines? How important is it to know your witch ancestry?

I am a witch - There I said it. Now do I sit here and wait for the laughter? Smirks and judgements? Not really because being a witch is what I am and I cannot change this, no matter how hard I try (and believe me I tried).

Being a witch or saying I am a witch has been a very long process. Labelling yourself with a word which is so misunderstood take courage and a great deal of courage. As a child I misunderstood the word through film, books, fiction and myths but I was always drawn to the strong feminine power of the witch. When I watched the Wizard of Oz I cried for the wicked witch - She was basically a CEO of a company who was belittled because she was a woman in power. Hmm what were we teaching our girls? If you are pretty and kind you are accepted but if you are brave, a strong a leader and dare I say it a cow... You are automatically ousted and hunted until you change your ways? Hey ho I never liked that bitch"Glinda" - Sorry I digress! However, I was born a girl and I choose to be recognised as a woman, yet for a long time I had to hide my true self and convert myself into the boxes people put me in.

See even here she's only trying to hug Dorothy???

I have recently stumbled across some ideas regarding witches and the sudden "craze" and explosion of witches from around the world. Whether you call yourself a baby witch or a traditionalist or maybe you frown upon the new uprising believing they are all impostors - Let me clarify my thoughts - It's about fucking time! WOMEN have been suppressed for far too long and I welcome all the gorgeous souls hearing their call and coming into their power!!! I would rather live in a world of witches than suppressed women!

I found some interesting theories while I was meditating with my scrying glass and I discovered my ancestors. I discovered my bloodlines from this life and my bloodlines from my spiritual lives. The women in my past have fought for me to have a voice and when I began to see all these wise women standing through time I suddenly, for the first time in my life, felt a part of something. I felt welcome, I felt I was home I felt I was supported. My bloodline from this life would agree I was a quiet child, I never really felt a part of anything. I have always been a lone soul and I love that about myself. Yet having these women creating a circle around me with fire, air, earth, water and spirit suddenly ignited a hidden power, a roar a release of the girl who hid away.

I sensed my Mother & my Father whether they were aware of their power in life I will never know, behind my Mother I could see women of power and women who have been persecuted. They held me, and even though I know nothing of my Mother's lineage I felt ancient power there. My Mum was put into a children's home in approx 1946? Her childhood is a mystery to me and a few stories of nuns and I am sure we would call it abuse today, I knew little of her parents. She never knew her father, in fact I found a copy of a census and it stated "parents - Noone" - My heart leapt as I thought I had found her family name but no - It was handwritten as NO ONE. Therefore I can only ask these women from my bloodline for further information. I suddenly recognised that I had two bloodlines - We all do - Our family from this life and our ancestors from our magical lines. For we are NOT the granddaughters of the witches you couldn't burn WE ARE the burned, persecuted and murdered witches of our past lives!

Once I could separate the lines the information I received flooded in. I devised an ancestral meditation where I could see my previous journeys as women, some of my lives I was definitely a witch, hidden but a witch no less. The power and strength from this journey has truly helped me in my skin - I don't follow any practices as I am a natural witch and I choose to open my knowledge from my ancestral line rather than reading about other people's rules and regulations. I urge you too to listen to your intuition, because your inner witch is a powerful and knowledgeable person. If you wish to follow a structured program such as Wicca or Pagan etc then do so as that is your inner knowledge but NEVER, my sisters please, Never judge another witch's journey for she is part of your magical journey and we are not here to judge or plump our egos at the expense of another woman's dignity and self worth.

We have been hunted for so long both as women and witches that I plead to you all to love and accept all. It is our fractured dis trust of each other which has led to our weakness and persecution for all this time. Imagine Salem if all the women stood together? It would have been a little different outcome I am sure. Our only weakness is our own distrust of each other. Yet my lovely sisters, if you can reach to your ancestors your true feminine support will give you the confidence to walk in your power and not to be afraid to share your power with your sisters.

We are women, we are witches, we are different, we are the same. There is a change coming and I personally am loving the call being heard. Grab your broomsticks, black cats, frogs, cauldrons, crystals, bones, books, headdresses, voodoo dolls, herbs, potions, black magic, white magic, piercing, twin sets, boots or slippers, tattoos or nothing - whatever works for you - Grab it and lets get going.

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Clairey Collins
Clairey Collins
20 feb 2023

only came across your blogs today, and really pleased i did !! our generation and older were programmed to believe that every females life's journey was to get married and bear children, have your husbands dinner on the table and keep a tidy home all whilst looking immaculate ..... disney made us think witches were mean and ugly. watching films back as an adult i see a completely diff story, we dont all get a prince and a castle, nor should we only want that, beauty is not the be all. the most perfect looking person can be deeply ugly on the inside, and it's the inside i believe counts. keep the blogs coming Chrissy i love them x

Me gusta
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