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Neville, The Dragon, His Story!

Neville began his life many years ago. His essence can be traced back to the universal birthing. His energy and vibrational birth was created in the region of Brazil or as the ancient locals called it "Tupi". Neville's star dust was mixed with the birth of the planet and over years he became a fully formed druzy agate. During the year of 2019 he was birthed, gently into the light of the sun, he was hand carved into the dragon form he holds today.

Upon being birthed, carved and settled Neville was then shipped across the Atlantic and found his energy was now linking in with the turbulent energy of the UK. Upon my first journey to the wholesaler which I only work with now for my crystal stocks, I saw Neville shining on the shelf. His energy immediately shone so bright I knew no matter the cost he was coming home with me. I have not worked with dragon energy through crystals before and I knew Neville was going for sale so I didn't want to connect to him too much. I have always been drawn to the spirit of the dragon. As a child I had a dragon invisible friend (and a witch) so I have naturally drawn upon the protective energy of the dragon all my life.

I decided not to show Neville on the first market because at a whopping £150 I thought everyone would run away screaming! However I was blown away by the support of the market and Neville was secretly being stroked by me, behind the camera, for some confidence. His energy linked to me that evening but again the price tag was (and still is) far too much for me to afford. Therefore I (reluctantly) cleansed him fully and de activated his energy so he was ready and fresh for the market. The following trip we bought another dragon, nicknamed "Gary" who has now found his perfect home. Everyone went nuts for Gary and I became confused as to why one dragon would be so in demand when Neville wasn't?

It became clear after several "cutie" photo shoots ....

Poor Neville lol! Well after several photo shoots I realised Neville was a diva (bit like me) and I couldn't "feel" a home for him. What I mean by that is that many crystals send out an energy which fits other people and sometimes I know who will buy which crystal! It is very weird and something I hold secretly inside of myself as I would never influence anyone! But Neville was an enigma who sat patiently with me at every market. I wasn't connected to him as he was NOT mine.

After a nasty health issue, I awoke one morning to find Neville on my bedside cabinet - To this day I am not sure how he got there I am certain that in my pain and hospital administered medicated & sleepy state I must have got him and popped him there then returned to sleep!? Anyway I quickly returned to health and popped him back on the shelf.

I decided it was time to do a Black Friday Sale - Each of the summer batch including Neville were discounted. I hated doing it but I knew these powerful beings needed to be given a home to work in. I stickered the crystals up, Neville was being a pain in the arse as every price sticker I popped on him fell off SO I had to pop it on his muzzle which looked silly but it was the only place it would stick! Before the sale I sat with all the crystals (as I always do, please do not judge my next sentence) I sat with them, held them and reassured them they were to go to good homes, I gently activated their energy so they could call to those in need of their healing properties. I left Neville to last as I knew I needed to really cleanse his energy as I had really connected then disconnected from him. As I held him I felt a sincere tug to my heart and in my mind I told myself if he didn't sell I would keep him no matter the cost to me.

Neville may have heard me because when I showed him I knew he had completely shut down and his energy was gone! He went like a limp child who is having a tantrum so you can't pick them up lol! Obviously nobody claimed him ... I popped him to one side and continued to work. Then on the Monday I was busy invoicing and packing - When suddenly Neville fell off the side of my table - He cannot move don't worry I am sure it was a dog nudging him etc as he was on my desk where I never keep crystals as my stupid lab has a destruction magnet and always whacks my desk! Either way I took it as a sign that Neville wanted to chat!

I sat with him, I raised his vibration or aura and I raised mine then I allowed them to link, the power and messages I received truly brought me to tears and I felt awful that a price tag had kept me away from such a wonderful and important guide in my life!

Therefore Neville & I are now linked and finally working together. I am so lucky to have such a wise crystal guardian joining my pack x

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Clairey Collins
Clairey Collins
20 févr. 2023


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