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Spooky Child.

One of the first things people ask me when they discover I am a spooky person - I'm still searching for an alternative word to psychic as I hate that word! - Anyhoo as I was saying - The first thing people always ask is, "Have you always known you were psychic"? The answer is Yes & No - ...

Firstly, I have always been psychic (grrr hate that word lol), BUT I didn't know or understand in my early years that I was any different from anyone else. For example if you can do lego easily you assume everyone can - Well they can't it is a talent that you can do well, but you assume everyone can do it UNTIL you meet someone who can't. That is a simply put answer to the question!

As a child /toddler I have vague memories of chatting to the "wall people" - People who lived in the walls and came and sat on my bed at night. One lady used to tell me stories of when she was little until I fell asleep. As a child you accept all around you, as a child I certainly knew the difference between a bad energy and a good energy in people, animals and spirit. There was a bad energy who tended to steer clear of the "wall people" but sometimes I would wake in terror having my duvet pressed down onto my face, unable to scream or breathe - Many times these episodes ended with no harm done just me fleeing or shouting to wake my parents up in the night! Please be reassured this was not any tricks from family etc I was very much alone on these occasions.

Ok so who of you were scardy cats of the bathroom as children? Well I certainly learnt how to run and wee quickly - I was terrified of the bathroom - In particular the mirror where I knew a face would jump up behind me! The reason for this, as I learnt as I got older is that the energy of flowing water has a similar energy to the flow of spirit, its a bit like diet coke and pepsi - similar but as you get older you can tell the difference - Which is really handy as I don't need to run out of the bathroom with my eyes closed anymore!

There were thousands of other incidences which I took in my stride, believing they were all normal etc and you know what, it took me a long time to realise that being "spooky" or attuned to source is normal it's a part of being human, it is an untapped skill or talent, which hopefully one day, society will embrace and use. The dreaded scammers and con artists will be identified and slowly this lovely and pure, human, skill will become embraced and used ... again.

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