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Psychic Attack? Or just bad luck?

So the past few weeks have been tricky and dare I say it … crappy! A lovely friend said I could be under a psychic attack … usually I’d pfft and burn incense and blow it off. But it stuck. I began to wonder what if I could be under the influence of nastiness from others?

Well for starters I’m awesome so how very dare they … secondly … why?

Yes I’m well versed in what psychic attacks are and what they can do etc. However I’ve always been under the thinking that only YOU can give power to these kind of energy spells. A bit like the spells of old … a pointed finger and angry words have no power … but once it’s filtered into the mind and sown the seed of doubt that mind is done for! The victim will then create their own reality of being cursed!

This psychology is exactly why I tend to avoid using “psychic attack” as a reason for my rubbish times. However on this occasion my will was low and I allowed myself to wonder “what if”?

This then led to a spiral of unfortunate events and to top it all off a lovely dose of lymph node infection … I can’t remember the medical name … but it’s not nice lol!

As soon as I believed there were energies against me I felt lost and no longer in control. This is when I started burning white sage … banging my chimes and generally behaving like a nut ball … more than usual anyways ! Suddenly everything that went wrong was huge , I’d lost my perspective. Luckily my kids are as blunt as a vegans meat knife … when I tearfully told them someone was attacking me with their mind … they laughed so much and honestly thought I was joking. Their enjoyment of my dismal predicament clicked something inside of me and suddenly I was laughing too!

My perspective returned and whether it was because of my body overcoming it’s illness or the insensitive ribbing of my kids, I realised I was the only one in control of my destiny, my moods etc. Yes people can send you negative vibes and yes sometimes it hurts more when you’re already at a low ebb. But you should never give them power by letting them into your head!

Instead pop Annie Lennox on followed by Stevie Nicks, dance around cackling and remember how amazing you are! Sure people are knobs sometimes, but don’t give them power over you … just like the heroine in Labyrinth … tell them …

“You have no power over me”. Then return to your quirky path. Lots of love x

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