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Cage of bones and skin, with a dash of lard!

Our souls are caught in this cage of bones and skin, ie the body. My body tends to attack me when I least expect it - But hey why can't it get it's own back it's not as though I have treated it with the respect it deserves. Yesterday I passed out due to low blood pressure and other issues - no harm done - Just a bit of bruising and a headache. But it was a bit of a wake up call that I can't keep pushing my body when it really doesn't wanna be pushed.

Sadly I do have to earn money doing a very physical job which also entails long long shifts. As much as I love my Raven Crow business, with covid and social restrictions it just doesn't pay the bills anymore. So instead of griping about what is wrong I decided that I would begin to help my body adapt and become stronger.

I'll be the first to admit I am over weight, no matter what caused it, it is a fact. So I am gently losing weight, and building up my stamina for exercise. If, like me, you are hoping to make some healthy changes try and get it into your mind that it is a SLOW process. Just because I did five lunges this morning doesn't mean I'll be a size 10 tomorrow!

Think of the hare and the tortoise. We gotta be the tortoise and prepare your mind for the long haul, no cheating, no tricks just plain old stamina and keep going. I have been losing weight for a few months now and yesterday was a little wake up call that I have been cheating myself a little bit. No it's not the Diet plan that's not working, it's ME! So that mars bar I tracked WASN'T a celebrations size - It was a REGULAR size! That mac and cheese I made with chips was NOT the healthy stir fry I tracked! Jeesh who the heck am I trying to kid? LOL

I am aiming now for between 1-2lb per week. Gone are the days where the 800kcal per day fake shakes caused me more harm than good. Hey ho ... ok so then I began to think about movement - This is my downfall, my shifts tend to create between 12,000-17,000 steps per shift - BUT my sat on my butt days at home usually don't go much higher than 1,000. So I have decided that I need to do at least 10 stair case runs a day - My oldest has organised a 10 minute up n go routine to get the heart going, but not too much impact on my poor joints. Each little step, each little glass of water instead of coffee can equal a long term change for the better.

So if you wanna respect your cage of skin & bones, remember that it is a slow process and every little step you take helps, don't beat yourself up, don't feel bad, just know you are working on you FOR you. If this body is going to have to haul my arse around for another few decades then the least I can do is kit it out with some healthier options.

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