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Air? What does that mean?

Well things are looking as muddled as ever. I drew a card for guidance and received the message of air - Imagination - After a bit of huffing and puffing and wondering what that meant and why I wasn't getting the answer I clearly desired, I realised I have to wait and see. My mind is full of conjunctions and pathways ahead, this is usual for me when I feel I have a decision to make. Take this path? Take that path? How much money comes in per month? How much goes out? Can I do extra shifts? Do I need to complete my degree and get paid more? Do I hope that Covid eases so I can carry on with growing my wellbeing business? Then we come out of the money path and turn into the "who do my decisions affect"? Children, Husband, Work, Clients etc etc - Therefore having the card of Air seems perfectly apt for my current mind set.

Then I sit and decide to meditate, clear my mind - The phone buzzes - It's hubby saying he made it to work safely. Which is good, but then I wonder why did the message come through just as I was beginning to meditate? Aha - THIS is what air means - My thought processes are not firing on all cylinders I am flighty and not grounded. It is time to step away from my questions and panics until I feel balanced and stable.

Unfortunately your questions are not always answered in the way you hope, but they are always for a better future. I am at a crossroads where I have to either knuckle down and dedicate myself to my nursing career - BUT if that happens it is good bye Raven Crow - for now - But I can't see myself doing that yet, it is a part of me. The bills are building up but they are being managed. There are no quick answers and I know that my path ahead will clear.

If you feel like you are also having to make difficult decisions due to circumstances out of your control then my guidance is to NOT make choices unless you are feeling grounded. Sometimes a little bit of time is needed to make the path ahead a little clearer. If you, like me, are under the influence of air, then you need to enjoy this time of being flighty and airy and just explain to people that normal service will resume but at the moment you are giving yourself some time, before you make any changes. Try not to hang your hopes on signs and answers from the universe, because sometimes the silence from the powers that be, is all you need.

All my love x

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