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Very Strange Times Indeed

Well as we enter the Autumn, we begin to reflect on the majority of the year which has passed. This year more than ever has shown us that we do not have control over our destiny and over the wants of the earth and universe. I truly hoped a global pandemic would have brought us together, I hoped that the fires from the end of last year and the beginning of this year would have died off … yet here we are with fires still raging across the oceans and a pandemic of confusion let alone the virus and its impact! Governments seem more split than ever, blame appears to be the choice behaviour of the masses, then we have the conspiracists! Apparently D.Trump is a saviour? Apparently we are all “sheeple” who are being mind controlled by vaccinations etc etc etc.

Yes the world has truly gone mad. Those of you who believe in the conspiracies etc it might be best if you walk away now … For those of you who are interested – I am not here to spout to you what you should believe or not BUT from my own observations D.Trump is certainly not a saviour he is a man, a basic, flawed and dangerous man. Ignorance follows him like flies to poop and he does not have any thoughts other than those for his own ascension into power. Accusing people of being asleep and following the herd because they vaccinate and generally live their lives to the best of their ability, is just wrong. As soon as you begin to declare you are MORE awake than someone else, then, my friend, it is you who is living in a fantasy land. Vaccinations may have caused some harm over the years but they have also saved countless lives and disabilities and I hope they will continue to do so.

It is a difficult time for us all, and I am not about to ask you all to hug and sing about rainbows (unless you want to of course). Yet, I would like us to try and restrain from hating each other, blaming each other for the state of the planet. You could be the greenest vegan in the world but you will still have left a footprint of dirt in your path. Sadly each human creates a negative space in the world of nature, it is how we deal with this and how we tidy up after ourselves that counts. The world is a dog and we are simply the fleas upon it’s back, if we irritate it too much it will SHAKE US OFF. It’s time to stop taking, stop inflating your own self importance and realise how to make a change for a better world, for everyone!

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