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Spirit Animals - Do you have one?

Do you have a spirit animal? I did one of my favourite meditations today for a client, "meeting your guides". This is a lovely walk through, guided by me but with the important parts being tuned in by you. Every detail in one of my guided meditations can mean a 1000 things, but the meaning to YOU is the secret to a successful meditation. Whilst walking through the sacred woods of the meditation each flower, placement of a fallen branch, a bug on a leaf etc has importance to you and your current life issues.

I can help translate but it is important for you to discover HOW your guides communicate to you. For example, something as seemingly simple as a bluebell in a meditation can mean so many different things to everyone.

Today's journey, my client, bypassed her usual guide and we met up with her spirit animal/guide. The appearance of this wonderful energy source evoked an emotional response of love, safety and confirmation of what her questions were. Even though we were connecting via online platforms, the energy was strong and it was an honour to watch her open her psyche even further to allow this beautiful energy into her own future meditations.

No matter where you are on your journey, you are surrounded by guides and energy who are there to help you, you may not see them, hear them or even feel them yet but they will make themselves known when your pathways and understanding cross. If possible try not to let others tell you who your guides are, you must discover them for yourselves.

If you are feeling lost, lonely or in need of comfort please keep in mind that there is love around you. If you feel lost as to how to contact your guides or loved ones all you have to do is to connect to the energy around you, your aura. Close your eyes, feel yourself surrounded by energy, see if you can see the colours through your closed eyes. Once you feel the energy around you, use this part of your mind and imagine another energy with you through love, I wonder who you will see. If you do not see anything initially really hone in on the feeling of love. You may feel a sense of warmth and a tingling sensation all around you. You may become teary and emotional, this is all fine, it is you beginning to work with energy.

Once you have mastered the skills of holding your energy, you are on your path of using this energy to help you through life. Remember, every breath is a step in the right direction.

I am off to re-ground now - Feeling very otherworldly lol ! Have a beautiful evening.

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